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Chocolatiers in the making

Posted: 8th August 2016

On Thursday 4th August, staff and volunteers attended a truffle making workshop which was kindly hosted by Pete and Dan at Cocoa Amore.

It was a fantastic experience and a great way to spend an evening. It was very interesting learning about the history of cocoa which started with the Aztecs - they traded using cocoa beans and it would cost you 100 beans for a male slaves, 200 for a female slave and 300 for a turkey! We also learnt about the journey from pod to bar and how different ingredients were added or taken away at various stages and by different companies.

After, we tasted samples of chocolate from all around the world: Java, Vietnam, Colombia, Madagascar, Mexico and Cuba – all infused with different flavours and each with a different percentage of cocoa mass. We also tasted chocolate which was 100% cocoa.

This was followed by the making of our own truffles – a very messy business for some of us – creating the circular shape, covering them in melted chocolate before coating them in cocoa mass.

Fun Fact: Cocoa/Cocao should actually be pronounced ‘cow-cow’, but Cadburys spelt it incorrectly a hundred years ago and the spelling and pronunciation has since stuck!
Chocolate workshop are still available at Cocoa Amore, situated on Silver Street in Leicester. Visit their website for more details.