What is Warning Zone?

Warning Zone was first launched on 17th October 2006, bringing together information and expertise from across the public and private sectors. It combines vital messages on personal safety and online safety in a single stimulating and memorable experience which helps to prepare youngsters for increased independence and their transition into early adolescence. Located on Frog Island in Leicester and open Monday to Friday, the core programme aims to foster an understanding of risk, consequence of actions, peer pressure and personal responsibility.This is not wrapping children in cotton wool, rather presenting the plain and honest facts in a memorable and understandable way in order to encourage responsible behaviour and sound decision making while living full and active lives.

Why is Warning Zone needed?

  • Each year in England & Wales, around 300 children under 15 die from accidental injury. 120,000 need extensive treatment for injuries and approximately 10,000 suffer a permanent disability
  • Above the age of seven, accidental injury to children occurs increasingly outside of the home.
  • The involvement of young people in anti-social behaviour and offending continues to cause concern in our communities. At 10, children have already reached the age of criminal responsibility and can be arrested and get a criminal record.
  • For children living in areas of multiple deprivation, risk factors relating to avoidable death and injuries as well as involvement in anti-social behaviour and offending are significantly greater than for children from other areas.
  • Leicester is ranked as the 20th most deprived local authority area in England. Over 50% of Year 6 pupils live in areas classified as being in the highest 20% in the Indices of Multiple Deprivation. Only around 30% fall outside any deprivation band.

Wherever children live, whatever their backgrounds, Year 6 is a key time to prepare them for increased independence, a wider peer group and the natural “boundary testing” that adolescence brings.

Teachers and other professionals tell us that the issues dealt with at Warning Zone are important for every 10/11 year old; issues that are hard for parents to discuss with their children and difficult for teachers to tackle effectively in the confines of the classroom.

“A very positive yet eye opening day. I feel that the children’s awareness of their own safety and taking responsibility for themselves has increased dramatically in just a short period of time.”
-Assistant Head, Coleman Primary School, March 2016.