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Blog on the frog!

Aviva Community Fund
Posted: 7th February 2017 As our first (belated) blog post of the year, we hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year. We would like to thank everyone who voted for us in the Aviva Community Fund. We received over 4,000 votes and made it to the final where our project was evaluated against other bids. The final decision was made in January and we are very sorry to say that on this occasion, we did not win the funding grant of £25,000. We had hoped...
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24 Hour Rowathon
Posted: 30th November 2016 Our fundraising event rowing for 24 hours at The Grand Hotel, Leicester. On the 25th November, our very own Mary Morgan kicked off our 24 hour rowathon – with the help of BBC Radio Leicester and Bleddyn Jones. This was 24 hours on a rowing machine from 12pm Saturday to 12pm Sunday. Teams took it upon themselves to row for an hour or two (thank you to those who rowed throughout the early morning when the rest of us were in the land of nod)!...
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Nearly Festive Quiz Night 2016
Posted: 30th November 2016 We held our annual quiz night on November 24th and welcomed over 70 competitors. After a wonderful buffet, 19 teams settled down to pitch their wits and test their general knowledge. Our quizmaster, Richard, amply led 19 teams through a number of challenging rounds, from Christmas Fun and History, to ‘Recognise the Foreign Language’. The evening ended with the ‘Not So Young Offenders’ being crowned champions after a tense three-way tie...
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New War Memorial
Posted: 9th September New addition to our 'Alcohol and Anti-Social Behaviour' Zone. The beginning of November saw the installation of a war memorial into one of our zones, just in time for Remembrance Day. This is a brilliant new feature which aims to educate our young people and future generations about respecting war memorials and understanding the history behind them. Our feature takes our young visitors on a journey and explains the life of a young man fighting in the...
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An NCS Summer
Posted: 9th September 2016 Throughout the summer and autumn term we welcomed five NCS teams to Warning Zone. NCS is a national programme for 16 and 17 year olds across the nation and is designed to help them obtain transferable skills and make a difference in their local community. Two members of staff, Lauren and Pip, spent many Wednesday morning rushing to DMU and the Athena in order to pitch to countless of NCS teams and explain why they should chose Warning Zone as their...
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10th Anniversary Open Day
Posted: 24th August 2016 Saturday 13th August saw Warning Zone open its doors to the public for the first time. The Open Day marked our 10th Anniversary - that's 10 years of delivering valuable life skills to pupils and young adults and countless of young lives potentially saved. We had some very busy weeks leading up to the Open Day as there was plenty to organise and a lot of furniture to re-arrange. Cue 9.30 Saturday morning, our fire engine was on its way, our burger van was...
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Chocolatiers in the making
Posted: 8th August 2016 On Thursday 4th August, staff and volunteers attended a truffle making workshop which was kindly hosted by Pete and Dan at Cocoa Amore. It was a fantastic experience and a great way to spend an evening. It was very interesting learning about the history of cocoa which started with the Aztecs - they traded using cocoa beans and it would cost you 100 beans for a male slaves, 200 for a female slave and 300 for a turkey! We also learnt about the journey from...
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All aboard the Rutland Belle
Posted: 20th July 2016. Our annual Osprey Cruise on Rutland Water. The end of the summer term brought about a very few busy weeks at Warning Zone. Some of us however were able to spend a pleasant evening on board the Rutland Belle. On the 5th, 6th and 7th July, passengers and supporters of the charity were taken on the scenic Rutland Water - one of the largest man-made body of water in Europe. Whilst being wine-and-dined, passengers received a two hour...
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Intern of the Year
Posted: 27th June 2016. We are delighted to announce that Lauren won the University of Leicester's 'Inter of the Year' award earlier this month. Lauren joined us on an internship funded by the university and Santander in January 2016 and was offered a full time position in April. The University of Leicester Student Awards were held at Athena, included a three course meal and covered various contributions made by a wide range of students across different aspects of the...
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The first 400th!
Posted: 27th June 2016. A massive congratulations to our volunteer Derek who is the very first guide to deliver over 400 guiding sessions. Derek has been associated with the charity for four years. Over 2,400 children will have been taught by Derek, learning about risks, consequences and taking responsibility for their actions. Warning Zone would not function without the dedication of guides such as Derek. A massive Thank You to Derek and we hope that you enjoy your 'Golden Celebration'...
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Working with the Foxes
Posted: 9th May 2016. Sunday 24th April was Warning Zone's Awareness Day with the LCFC Foxes Foundation. As on the the Foxes Foundation Charity of the Year, Warning Zone was invited to collect money and raise awareness at the King Power Stadium. 20 staff and volunteers arrived at the stadium over two hours before the match and were issued with collection buckets. As the crowds began arriving the atmosphere gathered momentum and their excitement and generosity poured into our collection...
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What a Score!
Posted: 15th April 2016. LCFC Quiz Evening in aid of the Foxes Foundation, hosted by Warning Zone. Thursday 7th April saw a gathering of approximately 230 quizzers at the King Power Stadium, home of the might Leicester City Football Club. Our resident quiz master, Mr Richard Grudgings, put together a fantastic quiz for the Foxes supporters, with eight rounds of questions plus an extra round which Mr Alan Birchenall delivered: 'Birch's Cash Bonus Round'. 39 teams took part and topics...
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High Sheriffs' Sponsored Walk
Posted: 18th March 2016. The High Sheriffs of Leicestershire and Rutland have arranged various events throughout the year to support a number of charities including Warning Zone, Hope and Loros. One of these events is a sponsored walk on 8th May. Starting and finishing at Launde Abbey, the route travels through ancient woodlands, across countrysides, and through the village of Braunston in Rutland before passing by the calming lake at Withcote and returning to Launde...
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Thank you Windmill House Trust!
Posted: 10th March 2016. The Windmill House Trust are supporting the visit to Warning Zone for every Year 6 pupil in Rutland! Everyone at Warning Zone would like to give a massive THANK YOU to the Windmill House Trust for their substantial contribution to Warning Zone. They are covering the full admission cost for every Year 6 child in Rutland. Last year, 100% of applicable Rutland Schools attended our centre, and this is all down to the generosity of the Trust. In a...
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Introducing... the RAT!
Posted: 3rd March 2016. Help! We have a RAT at Warning Zone! Luckily, not a real rat... rather a RAT which is going to help teach our visitors about those nasty viruses and other malware which can infect our devices. Mr RAT (which stands for Remote Access Trojan) has been introduced in our World Wide Wheel. Similar to the Trojan horse the Greeks used to enter the city of Troy, viruses often gain access to our device disguised as something else - an email attachment perhaps, or they...
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A big THANK YOU to Bott Ltd!
Posted: 18th February 2016. All of us at Warning Zone would like to give a massive thank you to Bott Ltd. for their generous donation last month. They raised a staggering £2923.90! This impressive total reflects the generosity of the work force at Bott, especially over the Christmas period. Bott’s fundraising is completely staff generated with this amount being raised from a company raffle. All the prizes were donated from their suppliers. As a charity, Warning Zone simply would not...
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Safer Internet Day 2016
Posted: 9th February 2016. Here at Warning Zone, we participated in the world-wide campaign 'Safer Internet Day', this year with the theme 'Play your part for a better internet' Coordinated in the UK by the UK Internet Safety Centre, this year's celebration saw over 1,000 organisations play their part and reached over 2.8 million children. Hundreds of individuals joined in the social media campaign to #shareaheart. Many celebrities also took to social media to show their support!...
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Upcoming Event:

Tigers vs Wasps!

This season, we are one of four charity partners of the Leicester Tigers. This is tremendous news for warning Zone and offers us great potential to create more awareness, recruit volunteers and raised much needed funds.

It will give us the opportunity to hold two events and also have a match day donated to us. Our selected match day is Leicester Tigers vs. Wasps on 24th March 2018. Look our for us, as we will be around the ground with a cohort of staff and volunteers, all helping to awareness and giving you the opportunity to donate some loose change to our charity.

Our two events will include a huge 'Quiz & Curry Night' and a 'Sporting Heroes Dinner' - both held at the Tigers' Ground. For more information on these events, please get in touch.