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New War Memorial

Posted: 9th September

New addition to our 'Alcohol and Anti-Social Behaviour' Zone.

The beginning of November saw the installation of a war memorial into one of our zones, just in time for Remembrance Day. This is a brilliant new feature which aims to educate our young people and future generations about respecting war memorials and understanding the history behind them. Our feature takes our young visitors on a journey and explains the life of a young man fighting in the war.

It follows one of our main themes about anti-social behaviour, respect and vandalism.

An official presentation by the trust took place in early December, with the help of Tudor Grange Samworth Academy. Members of the ‘Leicester City, County and Rutland at Risk War Memorial Trust’ gathered in our zone for a presentation with the feature which was funded by the trust members.

We are very grateful to the Trust for their support of our work and with their help, we ensure that thousands of young people every year will understand the historic significance of war memorials.