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e-Safety Zone

Our e-Safety Zone opened in September 2015 and teaches children about staying safe when using the internet – whether this is playing multiplayer games, taking photos, chatting on social media or using apps on a phone or tablet. This facility is the first of its kind in the UK – teaching this important and relevant subject using interactive, impactful methods. The zone will take groups of up to 48 pupils at any one time for a half-day learning experience. Students will participate in six different activities during their visit, each lead by a volunteer guide.

“Our aim is to enable all Year 6 pupils, educated within Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland, to benefit from our unique learning facility.”

Subjects discussed in the E-Safety Zone include:

  • Online Grooming
  • Cyber Bullying & Trolling
  • Protecting Personal Information
  • Sharing Images and Digital Footprints
  • Online Phishing (Scamming)
  • Internet Terms and What they Mean (E.g. Cookies, Virus)
  • The Importance of having a Trusted Adult to talk to

The e-Safety Zone runs alongside, but independently from our existing facility enabling us to offer this unique experience as part of a full-day activity. Almost 9,000 pupils experienced our e-Safety Zone in academic year 2015/2016. Almost 9,000 are booked to visit us this academic year.

Why is it needed?

Today, children and young people spend a lot of time online – it is a great way for them to have fun, explore, and socialise with friends. However, they also face risks such as cyber-bulling and seeing inappropriate content. A survey conducted for the CBBC Newsround (February 2016) found that 78% of 10-12 year olds in the UK use social media despite being under the age limit.

  • 33.8% of students aged 12 - 17 have been victims of cyber bullying. (Cyberbullying Research Center, 2016)
  • One in five, 8 - 11 year olds , and seven in ten, 12-15 year old have a social media profile. (Ofcom, 2015)
  • One in four children have experienced something upsetting on a social networking site. (Lilley, Ball, Vernon, 2014)

Warning Zone is here to catch pupils at a key transition in their life – when they are on the verge of becoming adolescents and young adults. We aim to teach them these vital messages when they are younger so they can make more informed decisions about what they do online in future years.

“As a result of visiting Warning Zone, I have checked my privacy settings on everything and realised everyone could see my profile pics - thanks to my e-safety guide Stacey (volunteer) I now feel safer online.” -Year 6 Pupil, April 2017.
“We were delighted that over half of the children took positive steps to improve their e-safety straight away by removing contacts, sorting privacy, deleting photos etc…” -Mrs Molotnikoff, Year 6 Teacher, Woodcote Primary School, November 2016.