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Safety Zones

Half of Warning Zone is made up of eight, set-piece scenarios. Each incorporate realistic settings, interactive equipment and special effects. There are no paper and pens, everything being ‘hands-on’ and experiential. Each scenario lasts for 12 minutes, has five key learning points and concludes with a check on understanding.

Fire Risk in the Home

  • Common causes of domestic fires: plug sockets, naked flames, chargers etc...
  • Smoking, stepping outside and second-hand smoke
  • Leaving cooking unattended
  • Fire alarms and how often they should be checked
  • The importance of having a 'Fire Escape Plan'

Electricity & Building Sites

  • Electricity, voltage, trespassing and contacting help
  • Common dangers of electrocution from overhead cables: kites and fishing
  • How power cuts can affect local people, businesses, services etc.
  • Dangers of trespassing on building sites including structures and equipment
  • That stored materials and liquids also pose a danger

Alcohol and Anti-Social Behaviour

  • Understanding that alcohol is a drug and the dangers of misuse
  • Buying alcohol for people under 18 is illegal and carries a fine
  • Drinking in public places can carry consequences for the young people, other users and the environment
  • Drinking alcohol threatens health, both in the short and long term
  • How to help out friends if they find themselves in a dangerous situation because of alcohol

Personal Safety

  • It's good to feel safe
  • The difference between taking a risk on purpose and being in an unsafe situation
  • To recognise the body's early warning signs of feeling unsafe
  • To understand risks and knowing how they can be reduced or avoided
  • Who to tell after feeling scared or unsafe

Risk around Water

  • What different flags mean at the beach - knowing when and where it is safe to swim
  • Dangers of rivers, canals, quarries and unforeseen underwater hazards
  • Deep water and cold-water shock
  • Consequences of damaging or taking life-saving equipment
  • To stay with friends and know what to do in emergencies

Arson and Criminal Damage

  • What criminal damage, vandalism and arson is and who pays for it
  • What peer pressure is and how to resist it
  • What the age of criminal responsibility is
  • Consequences of having a criminal record
  • How to make 999 calls and the consequences of hoax calls

Road Safety

  • Walking and cycling are healthy ways to get to school but risks can be reduced by planning safe routes
  • Seat belts must be used by everyone and on every journey
  • To think about behaviour near and on roads
  • Be Safe, Be Seen
  • It is illegal for people to smoke in cars with under 18s

Risk around Railways

  • Trains can travel at 125mph and above; it can take upto 2000 meters to stop
  • Trespassing on railways is a criminal offence and carries a £1000 fine
  • Throwing stones at trains or putting objects on railways lines threatens lives
  • To think about behaviour near railway lines e.g playing 'chicken'
  • There are safe ways to cross railway lines

“I was given information about beach safety and what the different flags mean. I can use this to keep me and my family safe when we go on our summer holiday to Cornwall later this year.” -Pupil, Shepshed High School, February 2017
“I learnt that you have to check your smoke alarm every week and change the battery every year. I told my parents to check the smoke alarms when I got home.” -Pupil, Woodcote Primary School, Novermber 2016
“We thoroughly enjoyed the day and it taught children lessons that we can not do in the classroom with the same effect”. -Mrs Jenner, Key Stage 2 Co-ordinator, New Swannington Primary School, September 2016