• Become a volunteerand have a crucial role in safeguarding the lives of young people
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Why Come to Warning Zone?

A visit to Warning Zone covers many areas of the PSHE curriculum.

Warning Zone is an educational trip that you don't want your pupils to miss. Our core programme for Year 6 provides teachers with a unique PSHE and Citizenship resource which will have a real impact and something you can't teach in the classroom. A visit to Warning Zone promotes an understanding of risk, safety and responsibility. It links directly with your school's commitment of assisting in the health and well-being of your pupils as they approach their transition into secondary education.

We help support the following:

  • Personal and Social Development
  • Citizenship
  • Healthy Schools
  • Safe Decisions
  • Curriculum Enhancement
  • Pupil Well-Being
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Internet Safety

We present plain and honest facts in a memorable and understandable way that aids schools in the personal and social development of their pupils. Our E-Safety Zone helps schools cover subjects which may be difficult in a classroom environment. Our hands-on activities cover multiple key messages about keeping safe online and help prompt discussions.

Schools book for an all-day visit to cover both the Safety Zones and the E-Safety Zone. Each session lasts for around two hours with a 30-45 minute lunch break. Children work in small groups with a trained volunteer guide.

Post visit resources are provided enabling follow-up work to continue in the classroom. We provide all pupils with a newly designed workbook which provides the opportunity for follow-up work. It has been developed to reflect the pupils' experience at Warning Zone and to help consolidate learning.

We will also provide your school with an Evaluation Form and an E-Safety Post Visit Questionnaire. We kindly ask that you complete these forms and send them back in your pre-paid envelope to help us improve our service.


In October 2017, we implemented a new software in our e-Safety Zone. This software works using a system of 'CLIKAPADS'. Pupils will receive a 'CLIKAPAD' at the beginning of their session and will use it during the briefing, debrief and may also use it during the concluding quiz. This system will allow us to collect valuable data about our visitors in regards to what they are using the internet for and which app / social media are the most popular. It will also inform us our the pupils' intentions of how they may change their behaviour after a visit to Warning Zone. We can compile a report for your school which you can then use to enhance future e-Safety lessons.

Parent Evenings

We have the availability to hold parent evening at our facility. Organised with your school, we can host an evening to invite parents to have a look at our facility and to ask questions about internet safety and gain some valuable information and advice. Where possible, we will also arrange for an external speaker. Sessions normally last for a couple of hours but can be flexible to suit your requirements.

"You cover a whole PSHE area of the curriculum in one morning that would take us half a term to cover." -Year 6 Teacher, Barwall C of E Junior School, 2015.
"My favourite part of the trip was the fire zone because it was so informative and now I am more equipped to deal with any issues involving fire." -Pupil, Studfall Junior School. February 2016.