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Year 9s

We're running a whole new programme aimed at Year 9s.

In 2018, we're taking Warning Zone's e-Safety show on the road with a new audience in mind - Year 9s. Our facility at Frog Island is filled to the max with over 10,000 Year 6 pupils and other visitors experiencing our facility each academic year. We're designing an hour long, flexible show crammed with interesting and surprising information about online risks and what the audience can do to avoid or handle them. We'll cover topics that complement the information schools already offer but with a harder edge. For example, instead of cyber bullying we'll talk about online hate campaigns and we'll examine what actually happens when students try to get around security restrictions like the one set up by their schools. We'll use up to date examples based on real life situations to show that our advice isn't hollow and then rework the presentation constantly to make sure it reflects reality.

Our challenge is to take the atmosphere of Warning Zone and transplant it to school halls; we don't want students to switch off the moment they walk in because they think they have heard it all before. We'll deliver to entire year groups of up to 300 students so we need something that'll stand out.

The answer lies in technology. We're taking our a pair of clever folding projection screen that'll form a large video wall behind us and two powerful projectors that'll hit them from behind with vivid, minimalist motion graphics. These will act as a live billboard to illustrate concepts but will also double up as scenery. What if they flood with colour to illustrate mood? What if the messages contradict what our presenter is saying? This will offer something substantially different to the usual, dry PowerPoint fare. We're also hooking up this rig to a PA system for extra flavour. It's a big undertaking and this is just the start!

Book your school!

If you were to ask your pupils at your school, chance are most of them would have heard of Warning Zone or visited us. We want to keep this reputation with the pupils and deliver something completely unique that will really get them thinking. If you are interested in our new programme and would like some more information, phone our office on 0116 262 9739 and ask for Craig. Or email: enquiries@warningzone.org.uk.

We would require a reasonable size space with a wall at least 8 metres long. Our session will be flexible and you will be able to have some input in the topics covered. Session will be designed to last for one hour with additional time for Q & A if desired. If you would like a longer session, this can also be arranged. We will work best around your school timetable but please keep in mind that our set-up time is 30-40 minutes. Follow up visits and contact will be readily available after the session. Booking will be available from the middle of January.